Where can I get a prescription for vaping in Australia?

In case you hadn’t heard, as of October 1st, there are new Australian vaping laws. This means you require a prescription to vape nicotine-containing products.

For many who vape already, this might pose a small annoyance; others who have been contemplating vaping to help them kick the tobacco habit might find these changes daunting. 

At Prescription Vape we want to ensure individuals who want to quit smoking have accessible guidance and tools to help them quit, so here’s a reminder of what changing vape laws in Australia mean for you.

What do the changes in Australian vape laws mean?

You now require a prescription from a doctor to gain access to vaped nicotine. There are currently no nicotine e-liquid products and vape devices approved by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), but there are established pathways to roll out unapproved prescriptions such as nicotine for smoking cessation.

What are the new vaping laws?

From October 1st 2021, access to nicotine-containing vapes via the Therapeutic Goods Administrations (TGA) Personal Import Scheme is more stringent:

  • Australians need a prescription for legal use of nicotine vaping
  • Australians are not allowed to import nicotine vape juice or vape pods without proof of a prescription, either from their doctor or from a medical service provider such as Prescription Vape.

Online marketplaces won’t necessarily require a prescription upon purchase, however, it is your responsibility to have a copy of your prescription on hand (or request it to be included in the postage) if customs or any other authority might request evidence.

What are the penalties for not having a vape prescription?

Fines run in the thousands of dollars depending on the circumstance and State, so for your hip pocket and safety, seek out your GP or access the healthcare professionals at Prescription Vape for guidance on legally accessing a nicotine prescription.

Where do I get a prescription for vaping?

Collaborating with a healthcare professional is a great first step to take on your journey to quit smoking. You may have already approached your GP and discussed with you the different options available. This may seem trivial, yet research indicates the more support you have, the more likely you are to succeed in quitting. 

You can seek out a prescription for vaping from your regular doctor, though for many doctors prescribing vaping is novel – with research still emerging, some physicians may be hesitant to prescribe. To make it simple, your own doctor can work with us by sending their scripts to Prescription Vape

Alternatively, we have an experienced and knowledgeable team who can look after you from start to finish, and guide you on your journey to quitting smoking with the assistance of vaping. After completing our free virtual consult, if our healthcare professionals determine your situation suits a prescription of vaped nicotine, you will be able to use your free Prescription Vape prescription to order products via the Prescription Vape website.

All prescribed vaping devices offered through Prescription Vape meet safety standards set by the TGA under the Therapeutic Goods Order 110, which ensures all prohibited or known dangerous ingredients are excluded from both liquids and devices, a comprehensive ingredients list for e-liquids including nicotine concentration is included and childproof packaging mandatory.

Why are nicotine laws changing in Australia?

Many local and international medical associations such as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and the UK Royal College of Physicians recognise that vaping may be less harmful than smoking and can assist many individuals to quit smoking tobacco. Yet the decision to regulate nicotine-containing vape products as a prescription-only medicine is largely based on risk mitigation.

This primarily applies to reducing the uptake of vaping by youths and young adults. By allowing current smokers to access prescribed vaping as an aid to quit smoking via a healthcare provider the Australian prescription model aims to continue strengthening downward smoking trends.

For these reasons vaping is deemed a second-line treatment in helping people to quit smoking and is only recommended by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) for those who are keen to quit and have been unsuccessful with other methods in the past.

How do I get a prescription for vaping?

If you’re ready to ditch the darts, or you currently vape and need a prescription for you to continue to stay away from tobacco, it’s important you take action to avoid penalties for not having a prescription and to ensure your safety. 

Our team at Prescription Vape are on hand to assist you to transition away from harmful tobacco products to a healthier future. Contact us at [email protected] or register today.

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