Vape Culture – The future of vaping

What is the future of vaping & vape culture?

Prescription Vape aims to become a part of vape culture in Australia with access to free nicotine prescriptions and and a great range of e-liquids & pods to help with smoking cessation. Understanding the current vape culture and what the future of vaping could look like helps to deepen the understanding of this goal.

Vaping belongs to one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with analysts estimating the global vape market to be worth USD$32.11 Billion as of 2021.

These days, vape sightings occur on an almost daily basis – a general aggregate of studies across the US and EU indicates that around 10% of people have tried it at least once.

The demand for vaping is skyrocketing and studies are showing that the industry growth is unlikely to slow down any time soon. So, in this article, we will discuss the origins of e-cigarette culture, the industry’s gradual surge in popularity, and the future of vaping.

The beginning of vape culture

Vaping was first conceived in the 1930s when it was patented in the United States.

The earliest e-cigarette can be traced back to American Herbert A. Gilbert. His invention was never commercialised but he nonetheless revealed a device that could produce flavoured steam without nicotine. In his patent application, he stated that he was trying to create ‘a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette’ that involved ‘replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavoured air.’

It wasn’t until 2003 that the first commercial device was created in Beijing by a pharmacist.

At this stage, vapes were nowhere near as technical as they are these days. They were designed to be disposed of shortly after running out of fluid, as rechargeable batteries and exchangeable pods were not incorporated into the technology at the time.

The innovation of vaping devices

By 2022, e-cigarette culture has passed through several tech generations and has been subject to various innovations.

For starters, the e-cigarette originally emerged as an evolution of inhalation devices. This was achieved through changes in the purpose and modification of the inhalers themselves.

The most notable innovation of vaping is the ability to heat substances instead of burning them. Burned nicotine releases tar and other harsh chemicals into your body, a problem that is mitigated greatly through the process of vaping.

Another important innovation is the integration of customizable features. Infinite flavours to select from, a variety of battery sizes, efficient heating systems and temperature control functions, refillable cartridges, a diverse range of carrier oils – the list goes on and on. These additions opened up a new universe of customisation options that have evidently appealed to contemporary consumer markets.

Even as far back as 2013, technology existed whereby you could connect a vape to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. This feature can be used for a few things, although primarily, it can be used to monitor consumption levels – important for those looking to regulate their nicotine intake and considering the effects of nicotine on the body.

What is the future of vape culture?

As of 2022, an estimated 80 million people use vaping devices globally. The immense popularity of vape culture will no doubt incentivise the industry to produce more innovations and to improve the vaping experience further.

Research so far is supporting the idea that E-cigarettes, if within the TGA guidelines and purchased on prescription, may be a less harmful alternative to smoking, with studies estimating that they can be up to 95% less harmful seeing as ‘the constituents of cigarette smoke that harm health – including carcinogens – are either absent in e-cigarette vapour or, if present, they are mostly at levels much below 5% of smoking doses (mostly below 1% and far below safety limits for occupational exposure).’

Given Australia’s focus on harm reduction, it is reasonable to assume that an even cleaner vaping experience will be achieved in future evolutions of the e-cigarette or vape device.

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