Vaping prescriptions in New South Wales

Vaping laws have recently changed in Australia. If you live in Sydney or NSW and need a vape prescription to help you quit smoking or have already switched to vaping you will need to speak with your GP or a medical service provider to legally vape nicotine.

Accessing prescribed vaping in Sydney and NSW

From the 1st of October 2021, nicotine-containing vaping devices or e-liquid can only be legally accessed with a prescription. Speaking with your GP can help support you to quit smoking and stay away from cigarettes long term.

If you are in NSW you can access prescribed vaping through your normal doctor or via Prescription Vape. The Prescription Vape team and medical professionals will assess and review your suitability for nicotine vaping via a free virtual consult. 

Who can be prescribed vapes in NSW?

If you had tried and failed to quit smoking before through other avenues, whether it be cold-turkey, with medication or other nicotine replacement therapies, prescribed vaping may be an option to assist you to quit smoking.

Vaping is listed as a second-line treatment for quitting smoking by Australian medical can regulatory bodies. To access prescribed vaping you must have attempted to quit smoking before, without success.

No matter how many times you may have tried to quit and failed, Prescription Vape offers support, guidance and evidence-based resources to assist you to quit smoking cigarettes.

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Is nicotine vaping legal in NSW?

Nicotine vaping is legal in NSW and Australia if you have a prescription from your GP or medical service provider like Prescription Vape. For your peace of mind, being prescribed vaping from Prescription Vape will ensure you receive a vape device and e-liquid that meets Australian government standards.

Ordering nicotine vape liquid from online marketplaces is illegal unless you have a prescription. It is much easier to order your nicotine vape through Prescription Vape or a physician to avoid any concerns around whether the product has been tested, and to avoid penalties or delays at customs.

What does a Prescription Vape consult look like in NSW?

Whether you are located in Sydney or regional NSW, Prescription Vape consults are easily arranged via our website and involve a short free virtual consultation to assess your eligibility for prescribed nicotine vaping.

A doctor will then review your case and your vape device and pods will be sent out via express post via Australia Post.

How much does vaping cost in NSW?

Vaping is a much cheaper alternative to tobacco that can reduce your exposure to harmful toxins from smoking. A pack a day smoker will spend around $12,000 per year on cigarettes. Equivalent prescribed vaping costs, including device and refill pods, is more likely to cost less than $1200 a year.

When will my prescription vape be delivered in NSW?

Your vape device, pods or prescription refill will be shipped out express as soon as your order has been approved by one of the Prescription Vape doctors. Delivery can be as quick as the following day in major urban areas. However depending on your location and postal service, we would typically allow between 1-4 days, with a tracking number sent to you upon shipment.

Why Prescription Vape?

Our team of experienced doctors, pharmacists and healthcare professionals are committed to helping Australians quit smoking with the assistance of vaping when other efforts have failed them.

Our expert team have selected premium vaping devices and vape pod refills for performance and ease of use. Brands selected by Prescription Vape meet or exceed Australian standards and international guidelines for vaping quality.

If you’re ready to be rid of your tobacco habit, contact your GP or reach out to Prescription Vape to see how we can support you on your quit journey.

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