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Vaping and nicotine products in Australia

Australia prescription nicotine

Why Do People Vape

Vaping has become extremely popular in recent years. This has made many bystanders and people outside the community wonder, “Why do people vape?” or “What is the point of vaping?” The truth is that everyone is different, and people have their own reasons for wanting to vape

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Quit smoking in australia

How to Quit Smoking

Smoking is highly addictive. But you already know that, that’s why you’re here.. Most smokers have an addiction to nicotine. This addiction is a chronic

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about basic vape pens

What is Vape Juice and where to buy vape juice Online

The e-liquid and vape industry has exploded and evolved so much over the past decade. It’s no longer just about basic vape pens anymore. And because of this industry’s fast-paced ever-changing nature, new vapers and those looking to switch from smoking can easily get confused by all of the different types of vape liquid available for them.

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Prescriptions for Nicotine in Australia

How to get prescription for nicotine?

In Australia, electronic devices that don’t contain nicotine, liquids, and vaping accessories can be bought legally without prescription. Please be advised that there are severe penalties for importing or possessing vaping products without a prescription, including fines of over $10,000 in some states, or even prison time.

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