New NRT tools to help you quit smoking

At Prescription Vape our mission is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle by successfully quitting smoking. To make sure you can achieve your goals we’ve added new products to our range.

While using vaping as a way to quit smoking has rapidly increased in popularity in the past decade, nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) such as patches and gum are still a central component of helping people quit.

Types of nicotine replacement therapy 

Nicotine patches have been around for over three decades and provide long-acting relief from cravings and withdrawals. There are 3 strengths of Nicorette patches to help relieve cravings and symptoms of nicotine withdrawal such as restlessness, irritability or difficulty concentrating.

The Nicorette Invisipatches are applied to the skin on the arm, shoulder or back delivering a steady dose of nicotine into the bloodstream over 16 hours. Patches can be combined with nicotine-containing gums which help quash breakthrough cravings.

Nicotine Salt Vape Liquid vs Freebase Liquid

How will NRT help me quit smoking?

Using patches can be likened to having an anchor on a boat, keeping you steady and holding withdrawal symptoms at bay. 

But even with an anchor such as nicotine patches, waves of cravings can still cause the boat to rock. This is where fast-acting nicotine replacement tools (like gums) come in, to calm the waters and support you to stay away from cigarettes.

Patches or gums are a great tool to use prior to quitting smoking, integrating NRTs can help you gradually reduce your cigarette intake and adapt to the cravings and lifestyle changes of quitting smoking. 

Vaping to quit smoking

If you’ve found your way to Prescription Vape, you’ll surely be aware that vaping can be an effective way to transition toward a smoke-free life. If you have tried a Nicotine Replacement Product such as a gum, patch, lozenge or spray without success, vaping may be the right option for you. Interestingly, some research shows vaping may be more effective than other NRTs.

We supply high-quality vape devices and e-liquids that meet Australian safety standards. If you’ve made the courageous choice to quit smoking, pod vapes are going to provide a similar inhalation sensation to what you’re used to with cigarettes – which can help make the transition process a little smoother. 

If you’re already a vaper or want the freedom and diversity that comes with mod devices, we’ve got you covered with a hybrid pod-mod device. This device gives you extreme flexibility, with the liberty to choose freebase or nic salts, adjust your own nicotine strength, switch from DTL to MTL and experience a wide range of flavours 

Today is the day to quit smoking! You can do it!

It doesn’t matter which tool you use to help you quit smoking, the end goal is a healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle. You can quit smoking today and we are here to help you!

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By Jessica Kindynis

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