How it works

In 5 easy steps you can apply for a vaped nicotine prescription and order vaped nicotine products straight to your door

Follow these steps now:


Register your prescription vape account

Starting your journey with Prescription Vape is easy. Begin by creating your account here: ​


Complete your no-cost virtual consult

Complete your free virtual consult (this shouldn't take you long) and we will assess your prescription eligibility overnight once you have ordered​


Request your products

Select your brand preference and strengths from our online store and make a purchase. Only brands which we have assessed as compliant with the new laws are available here​


Express home delivery

Our affiliated pharmacy will dispatch your order by express post once one of our doctors has completed their review. We will contact you if there are any concerns.​


05. Easy to re-order

We'll keep everything on file, meaning you can re-order your prescription refill with confidence and ease. We will also have one of our healthcare professionals check in on you​

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